Christian feminists are diverse. They’re conservative, progressive, churched and unchurched, pro-life, pro-choice, gay and straight, men and women, Republican and Democrat, Catholic, Penecostal, Baptist, and more. Despite differences, including conflicting theological beliefs, they all have one thing in common — the belief in equality for women in all aspects of life and the church, which they also believe is biblically based and part of God’s design.

A few other similar names you might hear: Jesus feminists, egalitarians, womanists and evangelical and biblical feminists.

Each month we’ll be posting a photo and short profile of Christian feminists. Be sure to HOVER OVER image, then click photo to learn more about each participant — and for more detailed profiles, including links to their websites, blogs and social networks see What Does a Christian Feminist Look Like?  Be sure to visit and like our Facebook Page 

If you’re interested in participating, please send a request through our contact form.

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