Producing a documentary and launching filming these days requires a community of supporters!  And you can become part of the production process by becoming a donor. Consider a generous donation, or give what you can. All donations are tax-deductible through our film page at The International Documentary Association.

As independent filmmakers we raise all our funds through generous donations from foundation grants, faithful supporters, fundraising events and creative grassroots efforts. Our earlier films have been funded by leading foundations including The Eastman Kodak Fund, The Global Ministries Foundation, The Pioneer Fund and philanthropists, events and supporters like you! Through our partnership with The International Documentary Association as fiscal sponsors, a leading organization whose mission supports talented documentary filmmakers, and furthers the art of the documentary.as fiscal sponsors, we are able to receive tax-deductible donations.

We are not only filmmakers. We create movements utilizing film as a tool for audience engagement and social change. We seek for Baptizing Feminism to open a dialogue, allowing you, our funders and supporters, to share your reactions in communities and online forums internationally pre-film and during the film’s launch. This outreach includes international screenings and audience engagement outreach campaigns.

Be Part of Phase I of the film’s launch by donating, and receiving a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will be used toward initial filming, including costs for hiring Dana Kupper, our Sundance Award-winning cinematographer and our stellar on production team, and for travel and camera equipment costs.

DONATE by visiting our film page at the International Documentary Association. You can simply OFFER YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION HERE

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