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Baptizing Feminism, is an awareness project and in-progress feature documentary about a growing phenomenon – the intersection of feminism and Christianity in America led by passionate individuals opposing Christian patriarchy and theological beliefs held by influencial Christian leaders and organizations that ‘God-ordained’ men as leaders in the home, church, and for many, in society.

It’s a heated, timely, universally relevant subject reaching into the heart of key issues impacting us all. And we’re passionate about telling this story. As both secular and Christian women’s voices continue to rise for equal pay, leadership roles in the church, politics and the workplace, and against sexism and violence of women and girls, Christian feminist activists, standing for their own beliefs of ‘God-ordained’ gender equality, rise in challenging powerful Christian influencers espousing traditional family and gender roles, including leaders of the Religious Right impacting women’s rights, and claiming feminism the culprit of the breakdown of the church, family and biblical authority.

Baptizing Feminism profiles an unlikely mix of well-respected conservative theologians and pro-life Christians standing alongside pro-choice progressives and millennials, following in the footsteps of the Christian pioneers before them facing fierce opposition and suppression by patriarchal leaders shaping the church — the unsung heroines of faith in feminist movements in the 60’s and 70’s, women abolitionists and suffragists such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Stanton, and early church women.

At the heart of this age-old epic debate shaping a deeply divided Christianity, and influencing politics and equal rights for women throughout the world, stand diverging beliefs about a handful of Bible verses related to women’s roles and God’s overall plan for womanhood and manhood.  Baptizing Feminism reveals Christian feminists and egalitarians, including former President Jimmy Carter, leading the way in uncovering potential dangers of “misinterpreted” biblical scriptures about gender roles spread internationally from the United States by Christian leaders and organizations — culprits, they claim, cause violence against women and girls, sexism, church abuse cover-ups, power imbalances and misogyny.  Meanwhile, cameras turn on opponents defending anti-feminist stances and traditional family and gender roles as God’s plan for healthy families and society. In investigating and documenting passionate Christians with deeply oppositional theological beliefs about God’s plan for gender roles, Baptizing Feminism reveals often fierce conflicts and mutual distain raging between Christian feminists and their opponents – several Christian feminists facing cyberbullying and even threats of violence.

Baptizing Feminism is a timely documentary that explores, debates, depresses, enlightens, disputes, and raises vital questions about the power of religious beliefs shaping our wider culture, bringing us to the heart of a divided world where women and men share differing theological beliefs, passions and commitments that fundamentally shape women’s roles in the church, families, culture, and politics in our world today.

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