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Baptizing Feminism, is an awareness project and in-progress feature documentary turning the spotlight on six Christian feminist activists on a quest challenging leaders of Christian patriarchy, and widely disseminated interpretations of a handful of Bible scriptures about gender roles deeming men as leaders in the church and home, and many believe in society.

The documentary follows an unlikely mix of conservative evangelical and progressive feminists each playing a unique role in their activism, standing for the belief in divinely ordained gender equality, denouncing theologies that diminish the rights, employment, voice, and dignity of women and girls, while bringing to life the fearless spirit and resilience of women of faith throughout the ages rising from patriarchy — those who paved the way for the feminist movement we know today.

As secular and Christian feminist voices rise today against sexism and violence against women and girls, standing for equal pay and leadership roles in the workplace, church and politics, Baptizing Feminism highlights a growing feminist movement in the Christian church in the face of anti-feminist backlash, and the heated debate between Christian feminists and their opponents about what the Bible says about gender roles. The documentary is a timely, universally relevant documentary disclosing and challenging religious beliefs in the United States shaping our wider culture that profoundly affect the lives of women and girls.

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