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Baptizing Feminism, is an in-progress feature documentary about a growing phenomenon – the intersection of feminism and Christianity led by passionate individuals opposing religious patriarchy and the oppression of women still thriving globally today.

It’s a heated, timely, universally relevant subject reaching into the heart of key issues affecting us all. And we’re passionate about telling this story. As both secular and Christian women’s voices continue to rise for equal pay, leadership roles in politics and the workplace, the right to their bodies and against violence of women and girls, equality for women still has a long way to go in the face of powerful Christian influencers, leaders and conservative millenials standing against feminism and equal rights for women. Many, politically motivated leaders from the Religious Right claiming feminism as the culprit of the breakdown of the church, family and biblical authority, continue well-organized missions advocating for male only church leadership and traditional roles in the home, church, family and society they believe ordained by God.

Yet, an unlikely mix of well-respected conservative theologians and pro-lifers standing alongside pro-choice and progressive Christians, Catholics and those in the secular feminist movement, including flocks of millennials leaving the Christian church, lead the way against the forces religious patriarchy today. They follow in the footsteps of the pioneers before them facing fierce opposition and suppression by leaders shaping the church — the unsung heroines of faith in feminist movements in the 60’s and 70’s, women abolitionists and suffragists such as Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Stanton, and early church women.

At the heart of this age-old epic debate shaping a deeply divided Christianity, and influencing politics and equal rights for women throughout the world– diverging beliefs about biblical scripture related to women’s roles and God’s overall plan for womanhood and manhood. Egalitarian leaders, including former President Jimmy Carter, lead the way in raising awareness about the dangers of the misinterpretation of such biblical scriptures, considered by many a key culprit of violence against women and girls.  Within the rising tension of differing theologies, fierce divisions rage at women’s rights marches, on blogs, YouTube channels, social networks – many Christian feminists facing cyberbullying and threats of violence.

With a powerful soundtrack of era relevant music, archival, interview and cinema verite footage of Christian feminists and their opponents, Baptizing Feminism is a timely documentary that explores, debates, depresses, enlightens, disputes, and raises vital questions about the power of religious beliefs shaping our wider culture, bringing us to the heart of a divided world where women and men share differing theological beliefs, passions and commitments that fundamentally shape women’s roles in the church, families, culture, and politics in our world today.

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